Ocean Glass Caffe Espresso Cup 2.4 Oz. / 70 mL Set of 6


A collection of exceptional quality coffee glasses for those who value crafting the perfect serving of coffee. Caffé Premio with special features such as that perfect curve and extra thickness, enabling you to experience the freshness and the authentic taste of coffee. Serving the most common coffee doesn't need to be common. Caffé Espresso is practical, stylish and easy to hold, with enough room at the top for latte art. Latte lovers can sip their favorite drink, while feeling the gentle warmth of it in their hand. Ocean Glassware is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Glass tableware. Since then Ocean Glassware high-quality products have surge in popularity both in local and international market. Ocean Glassware aims to consistently satisfy customers expectations with their stringent quality control and product in Novation. * Top Diameter: 6.2 cm * Bottom Diameter with Across Corner: 4.4 cm * Middle Diameter: 8.4 cm * Height: 6.05 cm * Capacity: 2 1/2 Oz. / 70 mL * Type: Ocean Glassware Caffé Espresso * Material: Sand Clearest Soda Lime Glassware (which are completely hygienic and safe to use) * Made in Thailand * Durable Glassware * Elegant * Resistance to Sudden temperature change * Ideal for Occasions and Everyday Use * Easy to Clean * Dishwasher Safe and Handwashing Recommended