Bartscher Kitchen Equipment | WCCC



Bartscher Cooking technology | WCCC

  • High performance cooking appliances achieved through practical space efficient modular construction.
  • Construction and configuration to meet your requirements.
  • A cooking range for the professional kitchen
  • Distinguished through optimal energy efficiency, high performance appliances and design allowing ideal cleaning efficiency.
  • Practically indestructible and thought through in the finest detail.
  • Excellent functional design with electric or gas models with extra large operating knobs.


Bartscher Refrigerator | WCCC


  • Refreshment at a glance – the cooling solutions from Bartscher
  • Set the stage for sweet temptations – cake displays for a strong presentation
  • Big chill in a small package – our mini coolers
  • Ice cube maker – Ice-cold refreshment
  • Ice-Flake Makers – Air-cooled

Bartscher Food Top | WCCC Bartscher Cake Display | WCCC Bartschet Food Display | WCCCbartscher ice tube maker | WCCC


Bartscher Dishwaher | WCCC


  • A Bartscher dishwasher is the kind of helper that you have always been looking for:clean, fast, economic and reliable!
  • All Bartscher machines are equipped with a rinse agent dosing pump and a thermostop to give you a perfect, hygienic end result.
  • A water softening system safeguards the smooth running properties of the machine and protects the heating elements from calcification.
  • Built-in water softeners and partial or full desalination technologies ensure a long service life of the machine and a spotless, shiny end result.