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 World Class Concepts Corp. ( WCCC ) have been bringing in the finest cookware and other culinary product brands from around the world that we believe the Philippine consumers will love. We stayed true to our promise to always bring only the best the world has to offer hence, Meyer, Ocean, Lucaris, Wilmax and Valera to name a few. World Class Concepts Corp. carries more than 36 cookware and kitchenware brands to answer the dynamic needs of a busy lifestyle. This proves that the Philippine market is ready and receptive to high quality global brands.

We live in an ever-changing and fast-paced world where we consume a lot of things that are most of the time, valued or less or dispensable. World Class Concepts Corp. takes pride in saying that slowly but surely we are helping change this notion. By educating the market, giving an informed choice, and eventually helping them make the right decision, we are taking one step in achieving our mission and vision.

We have begun paving the way for a new milestone for World Class Concepts Corp. with the completion of key departments in the company starting with Sales, Marketing, Brand Management, Business Development, Importation, Operations, and Customer Service, WCCC is stronger and more dynamic than ever. Our company is ready to compete side by side with other brands and go beyond our consumers’ satisfaction.

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