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Roller Grill Contact Grill | WCCC

Contact Grills

To cook steaks or hamburgers thoroughly, without reduction, retaining all the juice and vitamins, or to grill fish in the healthiest possible way, nothing beats Roller Grill contact grills.

  • Fitted with cast iron plates and Incoloy heating elements for perfectly even cooking
  • The upper plate is self-balanced and the pressure spring is adjustable so you can adapt the cooking to the food.


Roller Grill waffle iron | WCCC


rollergrill waffle maker | WCCC


Waffle Iron

The ideal snack at any time of the day and appreciated from everybody in the world. The Roller Grill waffle irons accept deep-frozen, frozen pre-cooked waffles or home-made batter. Feel free to contact us for cooking times according to the waffle irons !

Roller Grill Lava Rock Grill | WCCC


Lava Rock Grill

Use the Roller Grill electric lava rock grill for natural, healthy, tasty and easy-to-digest grills!

  • Easy cleaning: Lava rocks can be washed in the dishwasher. Removable control-box and enamelled lava tray for easy cleaning.
  • Features : temperature control with 10-settings, pilot lights.

Roller Grill Salamander | WCCC



With a heat source on the upper part, the salamander can be used to defrost, brown, glaze, brown, grill toasts, gratins, pizzas, onion soup, etc. without pre-heating. Completely open on 3 sides to accept dishes of any size.