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IHS Global Alliance Banquets | WCCC

It’s a table that never needs carrying.
It’s a table whose speed of handling is 5 times faster than all others.
It’s a table that converts into 3 different styles.
It’s a table which, in just one size, can service all your event needs.
It’s a table truck whose storage is half what you expect.
It’s a table whose edges are indestructible.
It’s a table that never touches another during storage, ever.

And therefore it’s a system that delivers perfect linen-free presentations for a very long time.

IHS Smart top technology tables | WCCC

Smart Top Technology…

Vinyl and rubber edging, even frameless glass, has all been tried and tested by us. The best they deliver are disposable tops. Tops that need constant replacing, tops that quickly compromise your linenless presentations.

And so we developed our own edging; a beautiful, indestructible stainless steel frame. It’s a lifetime protection of your table edges

It’s a visual appeal that unifies the tops to the stands perfectly.
It’s the only table to make you money from day one of operation.
For those of you who are operating our original cross cube models, don’t buy new tables.
Simply upgrade your existing tops to this new stainless frame and enjoy the refurbishment, rather than a replacement.

an indestructible edging…

IHS Smart top Technology Table | WCCC
IHS Butler Services | WCCC

Butler Service

Why not offer a royal dining experience to all your guests?
This beautiful butler system was designed in conjunction with
Armani Hotels and reasserts IHS’s reputation as the global IRD

Comprising a cold box, hot box, and 2 trays with a lid, its modules can be separately used across many delivery and presentation needs.

WCCC Butler Service | WCCC
IHS Free Fold Tables | WCCC
IHS Presentation Cubes | WCCC
IHS Fee Folds Table | WCCC

Formidable logistics & Storage efficiency

‘Save 50% of your valuable floor space through our smart storage systems”

Nothing is smarter than our Vertical truck design, Cross cubes truck design, A-frame freefold design, Z-rack tray storage & Caddy storage system when it comes to saving up space for you storage system.

There is not an inch of wasted space in the design of our storage system.

IHS Storage Efficiency | WCCC
IHS Live Cooking | WCCC

Live Cooking

When commercial kitchens with their full artistry came into the limelight, it was a trend that was quick to excite. The pace, the live flames, the freshness of the food, and of course the interaction with the Chefs.
We were the first to expand on this and offer individual food and beverage stations that could be transported anywhere throughout your establishment.


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