Meyer Non-Stick Covered Chinese Wok 40cm (Blue Black)


* Size: 30cm * Type: Wok Skillet with aluminum steel cover * Riveted Phenolic Handle * Oven safe up to 180° Celcius * Porcelain Enamel * DuPont Teflon Classic non stick * Easy to clean * Dishwasher Safe Important Notes: * Use low to medium heat * Do not cook with continuous high heat * Avoid overheating the pan or letting it boil dry * To avoid spillage and the risk of boiling over, pans should not be filled to more than two-thirds capacity * If salt has been added to food, avoid leaving within the pan for any length of time as this can cause deterioration of the non-stick coating * Do use a lid when cooking (except when deep-frying) * Avoid using sharp metal kitchen utensils suck as forks and knives, mashers or whisks to prevent scratching (recommended: wooden or heat resistant plastic cooking utensils NOTE: Slight difference in color due to lightings and monitor display

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