Meyer Cook N Look Induction Saucepan with Glass Lid 16cm / 1.4L


* Diameter: 16cm * Capacity: 1.4 L * Type: Sauce Pan * Material: Aluminium * Easy clean, non-stick exterior * Not normally associated with hard anodized exteriors * Heavy gauge, hard anodized aluminium * Twice as strong as stainless steel for outstanding durability and even heat distribution with no ‘hot spots’ * Stainless steel handles are sheathed in heat-resistant silicone to provide a softer grip and greater thermal comfort during stovetop cooking


Ideal for creating and reducing sauces and cooking vegetables. The wide bottom area of the pan also allows for maximum heat conduction while cooking. This pan features a sturdy handle. Both handles are riveted on, ensuring a very rigid connection between handle and vessel, while guaranteeing longevity eve in a commercial kitchen. Made from aluminum body which is easy to clean and Dishwasher Safe. You can see through the food cooking inside with its tempered glass lid. Meyer is one of the largest, most innovative cookware companies in the United States. Meyer leads the field in non-stick hard anodized pan production with global brands. Meyer is always at the forefront of cookware innovation, producing cutting edge, highest quality cookware at fair prices.

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