Roller Grill Warm it Double Chocolate and Sauce Warmer

For your gourmet desserts, the Warm It Roller Grill can heat and liquidify any type of chocolate, spread, honey to top your pancakes, waffles, cakes, ice cream, frozen desserts etc. At the time of snacking, heat and keep your sauces and cheeses warm with Warm It to make your toppings easier thanks to the flexible pressure bottle equipped with a suitable cap.

The Warm It Roller Grill WI / 2 is a double-sided model equipped with 2 black protective shells and a removable display with jam jar, honey or spread.

Easy to use: Set the thermostat switch on the maxi for 15 min then on 60 ° C to keep your preparation at a good temperature.
Equipment: Thermostat switch for perfect temperature regulation without overheating or drying out. Resistance around the stainless steel tray. Electronic timer. Removable display for jar of jam, honey, spread or grease bottle. Comes with 2 pressure bottles with 3 outlets for easy, precise and hygienic dosing.