Roller Grill Waffle Maker Round

The GES 75 Waffle Maker is designed for frozen dough pieces, pre-cooked frozen waffles and homemade fresh waffle dough. The GES 75 wafer is a round mold with a diameter of 185 mm (Plots: 15 x 19 mm at the base and 11 x 11 mm at the surface). It is equipped with raw cast iron plates. The use of these cast iron plates with a high conduction value makes it possible to distribute the heat evenly and to obtain well-gilded and crisp waffles in 2’30.

Easy maintenance: A patented removable tray recovers excess pulp.
Equipment: On / Off switch, control thermostat 0-300 ° C, control lights. Overflow drip tray. Comes with a special waffle fork for Belgian waffles.