“The FD 80 DR (2 x 8 Liters) professional dual table deep fryer with cold zone is particularly suitable for fast food. This dual-bowl table fryer with independent control and double viadange system doubles the performance during a shot or release a tray for cooking specific foods.

The automatic filtering of the oil by decantation makes it possible to fry successively in the same oil french fries, fish, donuts with a minimum consumption of oil without carbonization of the food particles and, in fact, without transmission of taste or smell.

Perfect precision and safety: thanks to a regulation thermostat with a very precise stainless steel bulb, a stainless steel double safety thermostat with positive shutdown. Resetting the safety thermostat behind the case in case of overheating or insufficient oil.
Easy maintenance: 10 removable elements including the machine washable bowl.
Equipment: 2 regulation thermostats with precise bulb, 2 safety thermostats, 2 micro switches of contact, indicator lights. Baskets equipped with thermo-resistant handles.”