Roller Grill Electric Crepe Machine

“With the CFE 400 high performance electric crepe maker, start your business in profitable pancakes in just a few minutes days. The electric crepe maker in enameled cast iron CFE 400 (diameter 400 mm) is specially designed for the take-away of crepes on the markets, for street vending (stands, trailers, food trucks), at festivals, carnivals or associative days.

Perfectly homogeneous cooking without loss of heat: The spiral resistance directly molded under the enameled cast iron plate allows a power output of 3.6 kw (single-phase connection) and ensures a homogeneous distribution of the temperature over the entire surface of the stove. plate.
Very precise cooking: the control thermostat can regulate the temperature of the plate from 50 to 300 ° C.
Performance and performance: The enameled cast iron plate is perfectly smooth for true contact cooking ensuring an excellent temperature transfer: by lightly greasing between each crepe or pancake, you get a light and golden crepe, perfectly honeycombed, without caramelization or vitrification.
Equipment: spiral shielded resistor, control switch / thermostat 0-300 ° C, control light”