This FC 380 TQ electric oven is a true multifunction oven with 38L capacity.Convection heat, convection, ventilated pastry oven, Turbo Quartz, salamander and ventilated roaster.

Rotating heat: Uniformly stir warm air in the oven to defrost, cook to warm your dishes.
Ventilated baking oven: Ideal for your savory or sweet pies, your cakes. The sole resistance works at full speed, the quartz tubes are regulated thanks to the thermostat and the temperature is perfectly distributed in the enclosure thanks to the fan motor and the ventilation openings.
Turbo Quartz: Combination of ventilation, sole and quartz resistors. This function, developed exclusively by Roller Grill, increases the internal temperature by 30 ° and thus saves 30% of the cooking time, thus saving energy.
Grill Quartz / Rotisserie: ventilated salamander function essential for browning, grilling or glazing, and roasting function with rotisserie.
Easy maintenance: Stainless steel interior walls and sole resistance: everything is removable in a simple hand.
Equipment: 5-position switch, timer 120 ', thermostat 0-280 ° C, pilot light, reversible grill (4 levels of cooking), interior lighting.