Meyer Oval Fish Pan is energy efficient design maximizes cooking area so foods cook evenly and quickly. It is Attractive easy clean metallic paint exterior with certified Teflon classic (USA FDA Approval) non-stick coated interior. Foods won’t stick. Its deep sides minimize spattering and allow foods to cook in a generous quantity of soup. Its phenolic handles give you safe cooking which stays cool for you to support while cooking. It is Easy to Clean and an ideal for smooth top cookers.

  • Heat conductive aluminum for fast and efficient heat distribution. These pans have been designed to complement your cooking skills, helping you create more exciting dishes
  • Metallic black porcelain enamel exterior. Easy to clean and maintain. Ideal for smooth-top cookers
  • Riveted heat-resistant phenolic handle; Securely fastened handle remains cool-to-touch during cooking
  • Du Pont Teflon Classic. Non-stick convenience for low fat, healthy cooking
  • 1-year guarantee