Meyer Cook N Look Chef’s Pan will help to keep your kitchen running smoothly. Whether you are using it saute, fry, sear or bake, this pan is built strong to endure it all.

Made of durable aluminum, this pan has great heat retention and efficient service. Its construction also allows for even cooking to produce perfectly fry meats every time. It even comes pre-seasoned for a natural, easy-release finish that improves with use. Use this pre-seasoned pan to cook healthier and limit the amount of oils used in your foods.It has riveted phenolic handles for safe handling while cooking. It is Easy to clean and an ideal for smooth top cookers. Non-Stick convenience for low fat and healthy cooking.

  • Thick gauge aluminum for even heat distribution across the entire cooking surface, right up to the sides, eliminating burned food problems due to “hot spots”
  • Stainless steel 3-layer clad base, induction-ready & scratch-proof
  • Du Pont Teflon Platinum interior. This top of the range non-stick coating offers outstanding food release capabilities and easy-clean convenience
  • Heat-tempered, break-resistant glass lids
  • Heat-resistant phenolic riveted handles and knobs have been designed for “stay-cool” comfort during stovetop cooking
  • Oven safe to 180 °C/350°F. Start a recipe on top of the stove and finish cooking it in the oven without having to change pans.
  • 1-year guarantee