Anolon Advanced Serrated Utility Knife

You don’t have to worry anymore about your general or utility preparation in the kitchen since this serrated knife is ideal for cutting through foods with a hard exterior and softer interior, such as a loaf of crusty bread. The principle behind a serrated knife is similar to that of a saw: The teeth of the blade catch and then rip as the knife smoothly slides through the food. It cuts cleanly through the resistant skin and juicy flesh of a ripe tomato without crushing it. Crusty bread is easier and neater to cut using a serrated knife because the crust will splinter less.

The perfect composition of German steel ensures the blade stays sharp and is stain and rust resistant. Harder steel for a stronger blade that will hold its sharp edge longer. Its Innovative, durable and ergonomic design provides a soft, sure, confident grip and a smooth edge. The acute edge is perfectly angled for a cleaner, sharper cut. Exceptional durability with a counterbalance cap for the perfect weight and balance that ensures precision and control.

  • German Steel Blade
  • Superior Ice Hardened Steel
  • Unique Anolon SureGrip™ Santoprene Handles
  • Innovative Glass Finished Edge & Superior Hardness
  • Perfectly Forged Full Tang Construction
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