Meyer Square Grill Pan will help to keep your kitchen running smoothly. Whether you are using it saute, fry, sear or bake, this pan is built strong to endure it all. Not only do the ridges allow grease to drain away from the food, it creates tantalizing grill marks on your steaks and burgers. Plus, it boasts an ample cooking space that is large enough to cook multiple portions at once.

This pan has great heat retention and efficient service. Its construction also allows for even cooking to produce perfectly grilled meats every time. It even comes pre-seasoned for a natural, easy-release finish that improves with use. Use this pre-seasoned pan to cook healthier and limit the amount of oils used in your foods. Meyer Square Grill Pan has a metallic black porcelain enamel exterior. Its aluminum body is capable of heat conduction. It has a heat-resistant phenolic handle for safe use while cooking which remain cool. It is Easy to clean and an ideal for smooth top cookers. Non-Stick convenience for low fat and healthy cooking.

  • Heat conductive aluminum for fast and efficient heat distribution. These pans have been designed to complement your cooking skills, helping you create more exciting dishes
  • Metallic black porcelain enamel exterior. Easy to clean and maintain. Ideal for smooth-top cookers
  • Riveted heat-resistant phenolic handle; Securely fastened handle remains cool-to-touch during cooking
  • Du Pont Teflon Classic. Non-stick convenience for low fat, healthy cooking
  • 1-year guarantee