Lucaris Desire Collection

Lucaris Desire Collection WCCC Distributor | WCCC

The Lucaris Desire Collection is truly an affection that brings wine lovers, and glass makers together. Experience the magic of Aerlumer™ the signature innovation of wine glasses from Lucaris – The Crystal of Modern Asia.

The art of vinification goes beyond traditional mastery. The leading-edge qualities of Desire assemble into a composition that elevates the standards of sophistication and elaboration with Aerlumer™, co-designed and co-created by Lucaris and the Hong Kong Sommelier Association – Greater China.

A complex wine needs a good glass to unleash its aroma and bouquets. With its new technology, swirling simply boosts wine oxidation. It releases aromatic elements (esters and aldehydes), and reduces volatile compounds like ethanol to reach the maximum softness of the wine.